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#127 EMG-studies: the future for more gains & individualized training?- Researcher and entrepreneur Hobey Tam, PhD.

Episode Summary

Can we measure the signal of the brain to the muscles via EMG-studies? Is this a good insight for growth and performance? How effective are the EMG-measuring research tools? What are the pros and cons. We ask this questions to today's guest Hobey Tam: researcher, entrepreneur and strength sports enthusiast. Hobey is systems engineer and has transitioned into the field of EMG-research (in other words the muscle excitation potential) and co-founded the company Oro Muscles. This is a sports performance company based in the Netherlands and USA. Their company published interesting case studies with top athletes with promising improvements related to training insights with EMG-data.

Episode Notes

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Website of Oromuscles (with interesting case studies) & contact for pilot sites

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